NP Evaluation

Neuropsychology is the study of brain-behavior relationships. Neuropsychologists specialize in understanding how the brain affects behavior.

What Are the Benefits?

A neuropsychological evaluation is comprehensive. It starts with gathering information about your background, current symptoms and how they are affecting your functioning.

The process includes administering standardized tests of attention, processing speed, memory, language, problem solving, visual-spatial abilities, academic achievement, and emotional functioning.  The outcome is a diagnosis to help you better understand your cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses.  You will receive a comprehensive report with recommendations for next steps to improve your daily functioning.

Reasons for Referral

If you have been referred for neuropsychological evaluation it may be to:

  • Diagnose or clarify prior diagnoses
  • Identify cognitive, emotional, and behavioral strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommend ways you and your health care providers can better meet your needs
  • Provide new ways to reach your personal, educational, and professional goals
  • Document your current functioning to provide a baseline for future assessments

How Does It Work?

Referral for neuropsychological evaluation is typically made by a medical professional. However, you can initiate the process yourself. For undergraduate and graduate students with UC SHIP (University of California Student Health Insurance), a referral from the Student Health and Counseling Services Insurance Service is required. For active duty military and their adult family members a Tricare authorization is required. All other referrals are accepted on a fee for service basis. Regardless the source of the referral, the initial reason for the referral guides the structure of the neuropsychological evaluation and recommendations.

“As a psychologist who frequently encounters adult patients with attention and new learning challenges, I confidently refer them to Dr. Bonnie Connor. She takes the necessary time to establish rapport with each patient and gather the developmental context for the battery of tests she administers. Additionally, she explains her findings and recommendations with each patient. Her assessment findings are detailed with the patient’s strengths and weaknesses in all domains. Dr. Connor’s assessment recommendations provide me with direction to support the patient’s continued success with his/her career development. My patients consistently tell me that meeting with Dr. Connor, and going over the results of their assessment, validates their concerns and empowers them with confidence for continued success in their professional development.”

June May Ruse, MA, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist”